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Over the years, we've resided in various cities and regions of Andalusia, including Almería/Almerimar, Málaga, and Benalmádena. After a decade, we relocated to Portugal's Algarve, from where we frequently travel to Andalusia and other areas of the peninsula.

The blog kicked off almost 10 years ago as humble, hastily jotted-down notes about the must-sees and things to look out for on my travels through southern Spain. Over time, I decided to turn those notes into an online blog, and that's how the first version of the site came to be, which you can check out at www.southernspain.net. At some point, the domain name stopped keeping up with us :), because we travel a lot by camper van around the Peninsula, especially in Portugal or the north of Iberia. And so a new - just this, which you are viewing, and which is a record of our travels.

Here I share with you guides, descriptions of places and stories of sights. I include maps of attractions, recommendations of pubs, campsites... Maybe they will be useful to you, too.


Countries where we have lived so far:

  • Poland - 30 years, with breaks...
  • Spain - over 10 years, with breaks...
  • South Africa - in total, a year, in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, and surrounding areas.
  • Norway - in total, about six months - around Bergen, with visits to Oslo.
  • Ecuador - a month in Quito. We explored many mountains and volcanoes such as Pasochoa, Pichincha, and visited the surrounding areas, like Banos.
  • USA - J. spent a few months as a student. Together in travel, we spent a month from New York to Las Vegas via Philadelphia. Then, from Tijuana in Mexico to San Francisco, deviating from the route occasionally to visit national parks and other attractions along the way.
  • Hungary - 1.5 months in Budapest.
  • Portugal - In total, it will already be counted in years... (Tavira, Faro, Arrifana...) - constantly on the go... maybe someday I'll tell about it 😉

*All photos and videos on the blog are by me. A One-Day Plan Full of Excitement in Malaga 👇🏻

📸 Most of the photos posted here can be found at www.pixambo.com. Where they are made available for free download in higher resolutions 🙌🏻


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