Alvor - Wyjątkowy Zakątek Algarve

Alvor – A Unique Corner of the Algarve

If you're looking for an alternative to large resorts, discover Alvor – one of the charming towns in Algarve...

Alvor is a charming town near Portimao, located by the ocean and the stunning estuary created by the Odiáxere River. Full of life due to its numerous restaurants and bars, it still maintains the intimate atmosphere of a fishing village.

Alvor - Wyjątkowy Zakątek Algarve

The history of Alvor

Life in this place has been flowing to the rhythm of ocean tides for centuries. According to some researchers, Alvor was founded in 436 BCE by the Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca as a trading post called Portus Hannibalis.

Over the centuries, the territories on the Iberian Peninsula have been under various influences of power, each annexing new areas and bringing their customs and culture there. The Romans noticed the attractive location of Alvor over the centuries, followed by the Moors in 716 AD, who changed the original name to a more contemporary one, Albur, meaning "uncultivated field," and built an impressive castle in the village center, of which only ruins remain to this day.

In the following years, as part of the Reconquista, Alvor fell under the rule of Catholic monarchs, closely tied to the history of King João II, who died here on October 25, 1495, in the "magnificent" palace of Álvaro de Ataíde on Rua do Poço. A few days before his death, Alvor was granted the status of a city.

Unfortunately, like in other regions in Algarve, numerous landmarks and iconic places vanished irretrievably on November 1, 1755, as a result of a massive earthquake and the subsequent tsunami waves. It was one of the most tragic disasters in the history of Portugal, during which over 50 thousand people lost their lives.

Today, the town is an important tourist hub, looking towards the future in the face of unstoppable demographic expansion and increasing economic and social development.

Alvor - Wyjątkowy Zakątek Algarve

Who might Alvor attract?

  • 🦩Peace and nature lovers Outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those keen on exploring new places will surely be delighted by the surroundings of Alvor. Taking a leisurely stroll along the long wooden boardwalk, admiring the sandy ocean beaches, birdwatching in the bay, or exploring the dunes are just some of the leisure activities awaiting them.
  • 🏄🏼 For extreme sports enthusiasts, the lagoon in Alvor is a popular spot in western Algarve for kiteboarding, wingfoiling, kayaking, windsurfing, or even skydiving.
  • 🏛Enthusiasts of culture and history For those who appreciate rich history and traditions of the region, and enjoy delving into local culture while traveling, Alvor and its surroundings have a lot to offer. From observing the daily life of fishermen in the quaint fishing village to visiting the maritime museum in Portimão, or exploring a mule farm on the Lagos side of the lagoon, there are plenty of options to choose from. 👌🏻

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