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Burgau. The charm of a fishing village on the Algarve coast

Burgau, a charming fishing village just 10 kilometers west of the bustling city of Lagos, captivates visitors with its picturesque streets and stunning landscapes.

The main attraction here undoubtedly is the beach, surrounded by impressive cliffs. It's the perfect spot for those seeking tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of larger resorts.

This town also boasts a rich history, mainly tied to its fishing heritage. These traditions are still very much alive, and local pubs and restaurants serve excellent fresh seafood dishes.

Burgau to także doskonała baza wypadowa dla miłośników wędrowania z widokami. Z miasteczka można łatwo trafić na szlak wiodący do miejscowości Luz, zresztą nazywa się na mapie 📌 Sendero hasta Luz, lub w przeciwną stronę, trasa wiedzie ścieżką wzdłuż klifów, z której widoki są bajkowe! Trasa zaczyna się HERE

Burgau. Miasteczka Algarve

If you're on the lookout for small, enchanting seaside villages in the Algarve, be sure to add Burgau to your list of must-visit places. In fact, every village from Lagos westward has SOMETHING special... at least in my opinion... 😉


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