Gdzie Kupować Dobry Chleb W Andaluzji

Where to buy good bread in Andalusia

For those who cherish bread in their diet and are on the hunt for quality loaves, finding exceptional bread in Andalusia might not always be straightforward. However, the region's culinary landscape offers hidden gems for bread enthusiasts willing to explore. In Andalusia, the secret to uncovering the finest bread lies in delving into the local artisan scene, where traditional methods and recipes reign supreme.

Sure, the bread overall tastes good, but often it's... dry, and unfortunately, the ingredients list leaves a lot to be desired – I think it's a global trend (just take a look at the bread ingredients in supermarkets... you don't need to watch horror movies to get scared...).

Every year, the organizers of the La Ruta del Buen Pan (The Route of Good Bread) competition award prizes for the best bread baked in Spain. The evaluation is done by a jury composed of professionals from the bakery industry.

External appearance, shape, texture and structure, weight, crust, aroma, and, of course, taste are evaluated.
Every baker wanting to participate in the contest must present two identical round loaves, made solely from plain wheat flour or a mixture of wheat and rye flour, and each loaf must weigh between 800 to 900 grams after baking.

Gdzie Kupować Dobry Chleb W Andaluzji

Below you will find the list of participants and awardees for 2020-21.
It's nice to see that many of them are baking in Málaga, Granada, and other Andalusian cities.

List of participants and awardees

Bakery Recommendation:
Let me recommend a certain organic bakery from Benalmadena Pueblo -. Pan Delux. Run by Danes, they bake delicious baked goods on site from organic flour, including sourdough. The price is what it is, but you pay for quality....
They have a variety of baked goods on offer, and you can also have breakfast on the terrace behind the bakery with a yummy coffee (you have to ask at the counter in the store).


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