Nauka Hiszpańskiego - Sprawdź Najlepsze Aplikacje, Strony I Podcasty

Nauka hiszpańskiego – sprawdź najlepsze aplikacje, strony i podcasty

A suggestion of some helpful apps, sites, podcasts that can help you learn Spanish

1. Mondly - This app for learning languages is really cool, especially during our vacations. It works great for us, and our little one goes through various topics in different languages. It's a fantastic way for our kiddo to pick up new skills while on vacation. We're thrilled with how well this app is working out for us!

2. An app for learning Spanish, perfect for beginners or more ambitious folks heading off to Spanish-speaking countries on vacation - Duolingo. It's worth completing the entire course, clicking around, getting familiar with the structure of basic sentences to start learning at a higher level, whether in classes or by beginning self-study.

3. To play with the words - Babadum - A browser-based game, excellently crafted. Pleasing to the eye, it offers various difficulty levels and types of quizzes.

4. Spanishdict Super website, the app works really well, with plenty of vocabulary sets for learning. Very intuitive.

5. App MyTunerRadio - allows you to listen to online radio stations from many countries. For those seeking Spanish immersion, I recommend Spanish 3 - RNE Radio 3. And from Malaga, I listen to Cadena Cope Malaga - lots of conversations with locals, and regional news, which helps with getting accustomed to the characteristic Spanish/Andalusian pronunciation.

6. Application to learn verb conjugation Ella Verbs - I really liked it; there are limitations in the free version, but the paid one is reasonably priced. It's worth it!

7. Lingoda - super way to break down language barriers.

8. Italki - I don't think there's a more enjoyable language learning platform, especially since they offer free trial lessons. It's worth learning with a teacher who comes from the region you're planning to visit, for example.

9.  Google dobrze sobie radzi z tłumaczeniem ze zdjęć, super się sprawdza przy tłumaczeniu korespondencji, czy menu w restauracjach.

10. Books from the publisher Preston Publishing, I highly recommend the series Spanish in translation.

Additionally, there are plenty of YouTube channels available. I have two favorites that I've grown accustomed to: Maria Espanol, and Spanish with Vincente

*Other suggestions I've occasionally checked out or listened to podcasts:

  1. FluentU - is a platform that utilizes authentic movies, TV shows, commercials, and other video materials for language learning.
  2. Babbel - another popular app that provides language courses from different levels.
  3. Memrise - a platform that uses memorization techniques, such as flashcards, to learn vocabulary.
  4. HelloTalk - an app that allows you to practice Spanish through conversations with native speakers.
  5. Coffee Break Spanish - a podcast that offers Spanish lessons at various levels.
  6. Notes in Spanish - a popular podcast with Spanish lessons taught by a Spanish-British couple.
  7. Instituto Cervantes - website of the Instituto Cervantes, which offers a variety of Spanish learning materials, including online courses.
  8. Podcasts de Español - a collection of podcasts in Spanish on a variety of topics that can help you improve your language skills.



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