Podróż Szybkim Pociągiem W Hiszpanii

Traveling by high-speed train in Spain

From Malaga to Madrid, you can arrive in just 2.5 hours!

Malaga and Madrid are approximately 500 km apart, a distance that you can cover in just 2.5 hours, speeding at over 300 km/h! The AVE trains of the Spanish railway Renfe rank among the top ten fastest trains in the world, with the Siemens Velaro E model being the fastest high-speed train in series production, reaching an impressive speed of around 400 km/h during its test journeys in Spain.

From Madrid, the heart of the country, you can reach the largest cities in an incomparably shorter time compared to traveling by car. Spain boasts the second longest high-speed train network in the world, spanning 3,330 km, surpassed only by China.

Podróż Szybkim Pociągiem W Hiszpanii

Wouldn't it be amazing if the expansion plan included connecting it with the French TGV? Imagine being able to travel from southern to northern Europe by train – how cool would that be? I'm not a big fan of flying and all the hassle that comes with air travel. But if train travel becomes a cheaper, viable option for exploring Europe, count me in! It'd be so convenient and environmentally friendly too. Just buy a ticket and off you go! 🚄✈️

Ticket prices may not be the cheapest, but you can hunt for a bargain - and you'll find it. Tickets & connections: Click Here

If you will be facing a trip of this kind by rail - remember that you need to arrive early before departure, as luggage must be checked.

Check out the video of the ride between Málaga and Madrid 👇🏻

I recommend taking a ride on the AVE, it's a lot of fun, and the views... wonderful - check it out!


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