Rpa, Port Elizabeth

South Africa, Port Elizabeth

One Year in South Africa

We lived in Port Elizabeth and made many trips along the coast from PE to Cape Town, there are times when I wish I had kept a journal describing the countless wonders encountered at the tip of Africa. Finally having the time, I tried going through my collection of old videos and photos again. However, to my dismay, the hard drive holding these precious memories was damaged irreparably.

Despite this failure, I plan to write several posts describing in detail the beauty of the South African coastline, highlighting must-see attractions, advising on what to avoid, and mapping areas that are best left unexplored...


Always on the move, though sometimes longing for a bit of boredom... 😉 My passions? Technology, photography, psychology, diving into various reads, and sports...especially the aquatic varieties! Professionally, I design websites, graphics, etc. I'm also the author of a website and a photographer at www.pixambo.com 📸

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