Szlak Do Wodospadu Fervenza De Parafita. Hiszpańska Galicja

Hiking trail to Fervenza de Parafita waterfall. Spanish Galicia

Discovering Galicia... Northern Spain

On our route to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, we came up with the idea of jumping into a river, and preferably under some waterfalls...🙃 A quick search of a map of the area and we found... a lovely narrow river that was lost between dense trees....

Szlak Do Wodospadu Fervenza De Parafita. Hiszpańska Galicja

We turned off the main road and ventured onto a narrow forest path. At its end, we parked at a small lot, where the sound of rushing water greeted us. From here, you can access 📌 Fervenza de Parafita, a beautiful woodland trail that partly follows a wooden walkway along the Valga River. Here, you'll also find remnants of old mills.

Szlak Do Wodospadu Fervenza De Parafita. Hiszpańska Galicja

After crossing the wooden bridges, we reached a small waterfall. The guys + the dog 🙂 immediately jumped into the water, and after taking a few photos, I also ended up in a small cove... fantastic feeling - an icy refreshment, a reset for the body!


I adore such hideaways... they don't draw crowds of tourists, which offers unparalleled intimacy and tranquility. The uninterrupted sound of flowing water creates a space to revel in the beauty of undisturbed nature. Encountering local plants, animals, and unique ecosystems that often form around these natural oases is an unforgettable experience.

Szlak Do Wodospadu Fervenza De Parafita. Hiszpańska Galicja

The beauty of nature does not always manifest itself in the size or popularity of a place. Small, secluded green enclaves can surprise you with their uniqueness and subtlety.

PS I love our spontaneous ideas that end up letting us explore more than we initially planned… 🌿


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