Hiszpania Kamperem, Galicja Hiszpania

Fontexelo, Near Vigo. Northern Spain - Galicia

Fontexelo is a beautiful beach located near 📍Vigo,on the Rías Baixas coast in Galicia. _ This picturesque spot offers tranquility and the charm of a natural landscape, with views of bustling Vigo across the 📍Ponte de Rande bridge.Ponte de Rande.

The clean, golden sands and crystal-clear water invite you to swim and take leisurely walks along the shore.

Around Fontexelo Beach , many scenic hiking trails wind through pristine, green areas. The surrounding area also offers the chance to taste local delicacies at nearby restaurants. This was actually our main reason for stopping here – we wanted to dine at 📍Restaurante El Puerto, but without a reservation, there was no way to get in. We parked the car here nd walked along the beach to 📍Kutik de Frida – the food was decent, though nothing extraordinary, and we had to wait quite a while... first for a table, then for the dishes. But with such a view, it was a pleasant experience. 🙂

Fontexelo, Okolica Vigo. Północna Hiszpania - Galicja

We then headed along the coast to 📍 Barra Beach, more about this place you can read HERE


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