Dolmeny Antequera

The Dolmens of Antequera. Ancient, Megalithic Monuments of Andalusia.

In the heart of Andalusia, in Antequera, there is one of the most fascinating prehistoric monuments of Europe - a complex consisting of three dolmens - the Menga, Viera i El Romeral - are the remains of megalithic architecture, which about 5,000 years ago was the site of prehistoric funeral rituals.

🖋️In 2016, the dolmens of Antequera were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to their exceptional historical and cultural value.

Dolmens – Gateways to the Past

DolmenA dolmen is a prehistoric megalithic structure, serving as a tomb where the deceased were buried along with offerings and gifts, intended to secure their journey to the afterlife. Constructed from large stones set vertically in the ground with a huge flat rock resting on top, the stones used to build these structures were transported from distant locations, showcasing the remarkable logistical and technical skills of their creators. Originally, these structures were covered with earth. While these buildings are characteristic of the European Neolithic period, similar structures can also be found in Japan (covered with a mound) and North Africa.

Dolmeny Antequery. Starożytne, Megalityczne Zabytki Andaluzji

The dolmen complex in Antequera, consists of three main sites:

  • Menga Dolmen – the largest in Europe, known for its impressive size and intricate construction. Its largest vertical stone weighs 180 tons, making it a giant among dolmens. Menga is particularly famous because, during the summer solstice, the morning sun's rays penetrate its corridor, giving the site a mystical aura. Special tours can be booked for this occasion.
  • Dolmen Viera – features a long corridor leading to a small, square burial chamber. It's a smaller, but equally fascinating structure, admired for its simplicity and execution.
  • Dolmen El Romeral – notable for its distinctive false dome, showcasing a different construction technique. Located a bit farther from the other two, it is an integral part of this prehistoric complex.

The Dolmen Complex in Antequera is a unique place that transports us back to the dawn of civilization in Europe. These monumental megalithic structures are a testament to the creativity of our ancestors. Visiting Antequera allows you to delve into the mysteries of ancient epochs while discovering the beauty and richness of Andalusian culture. The dolmens are not just arrangements of stones; they are monuments to humanity that have endured millennia to tell their story to future generations. They convey knowledge about how people living in those times understood spirituality, death, and astronomy.

Be sure to visit the onsite MUSEUM.

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