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One Day in Malaga. What to See and Do

Got only one day in Malaga? Don’t worry! This guide will show you what’s worth seeing and visiting in that time. Located on the beautiful Costa del Sol, Malaga is a city full of history, culture, and culinary delights.

LET’S GO: A One-Day Plan Full of Excitement in Malaga 👇🏻

1. Breakfast. Churros y Chocolate

Start your day with a traditional Spanish breakfast. Head to one of the local cafes, like 📍Casa Aranda, to try churros with hot chocolate. It's a sweet beginning that will give you the energy you need for a day of sightseeing.

Malaga W Jeden Dzień. Co Zobaczyć, Co Zwiedzić?

2. Malaga Cathedral (Catedral de Málaga)

After breakfast, make your way to the 📍 Malaga Cathedral, also known as La Manquita (The One-Armed Lady) due to its unfinished tower. This impressive Renaissance church is known for its stunning architecture and richly decorated interior. .

Malaga W Jeden Dzień. Co Zobaczyć, Co Zwiedzić?

3. Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle

Next, visit the 📍Alcazaba, a Moorish fortress from the 11th century. From its walls, you can enjoy beautiful views of the city and the port. Just nearby is the 📍Gibralfaro Castle, which you can reach on foot. The castle offers even more spectacular panoramas of Malaga and the Mediterranean Sea.

Malaga W Jeden Dzień. Co Zobaczyć, Co Zwiedzić?

4. Roman Theatre (Teatro Romano)

At the base of the Alcazaba, you’ll find the 📍Roman Theatre, the oldest monument in Malaga, dating back to the 1st century BC. This site offers a true journey back in time, allowing you to feel the atmosphere of the ancient city.

Malaga Atico Z Widokiem Na Katedrę


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5. Picasso Museum (Museo Picasso Málaga)

Malaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, so a visit to the Picasso Museum is a must! 📍The museum is housed in the beautiful Buenavista Palace and features over 200 works by the artist. It’s a perfect opportunity to delve into the art of one of the 20th century’s greatest artists.

6. Lunch. Tapas at Mercado de Atarazanas

Time for a lunch break. Head to 📍Mercado de Atarazanas, a bustling market where you can sample fresh local tapas. Seafood, jamón ibérico, local cheeses, and a variety of olives are just some of the delights you’ll find here.

7. Walk around Malagueta and Malagueta Beach

After lunch, take a stroll through 📍Malagueta, the port district where you’ll find the popular Malagueta Beach. It’s a perfect spot to relax by the sea and enjoy a walk along the seaside promenade.

8. Muelle Uno and Centre Pompidou Málaga

Next, wander over to 📍Muelle Uno, a modern marina filled with shops, restaurants, and bars. At the end of the promenade, you’ll find the 📍Centre Pompidou Málaga, an extension of the famous Paris museum of contemporary art, which is definitely worth a visit.

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9. Dinner. El Pimpi Restaurant

End your day with dinner at 📍El Pimpi, one of the most renowned restaurants in Malaga. This historic place offers authentic Andalusian dishes and a wide selection of wines. Located in a beautiful, traditional building, it’s a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

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10. Evening Stroll through the Old Town

After dinner, it’s worth taking a stroll through the Old Town. Narrow streets, charming establishments, and historic buildings, like 📍Plaza de la Merced, come alive in the evening. Enjoy the ambiance of Malaga and finish your day on one of the cozy terraces, sipping Spanish wine or coffee.

One day in Malaga is enough to feel the charm of this delightful city. From stunning monuments and a rich museum scene to delicious food, Malaga has everything you need to spend an unforgettable day. For more information about the city, check out our articles by clicking CLICK HERE, and HERE.

Enjoy your day in Malaga!


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