Cies Wyspy, Vigo, Galicja

Hidden Gems: Barra Beach in Galicia with Stunning Views of the Atlantic and Cíes Islands

Barra Beach, nestled in Galicia, is one of the most picturesque spots on the Atlantic coast. Located near the charming town of Cangas, it offers beautiful views of the city of Vigo, the vast ocean, and the 📍Cíes Islands, which are part of National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia.

Sekretne Zakątki. Plaża Barra W Galicji Z Niesamowitymi Widokami Na Atlantyk I Wyspy Cies

Barra is famous for its soft, golden sand and crystal-clear waters, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing day at the beach. Surrounded by lush pine forests, the beach also has numerous walking trails that wind through untouched landscapes, letting you connect with nature and admire the local flora and fauna.

🙌🏻 Guided tour of Galicia. Discover Vigo and the Cies Islands 📍

We stumbled upon this hidden gem entirely by chance. Our original goal was to visit the lighthouse at Faro de Cabo Home. The route seemed straightforward, but we encountered several "no campervan" signs along the way. In peak season, it's easy to get a fine in such areas, so we decided to turn back. Still eager to explore, we took a narrow road that led us straight to Barra Beach.


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