Kemping Caminha, Kampingi W Portugalii
Zachwycający widok na Rio Minho w Caminha. Kamperem po Portugalii. Odkryj kierunki podróży w Portugalii. A stunning view of the Rio Minho in Caminha. By campervan in Portugal. Discover travel destinations in Portugal

Campsites in Portugal. Camping - Orbitur Caminha

Located in a picturesque corner of northern Portugal, right on the Minho River, the natural border between Spain and Portugal, and a stone's throw from the stunning beaches of Caminha. Sensational location.

The views are wonderful, there are marinas, lush vegetation, wonderful beaches, peace and quiet!

The standard of the facilities is high, everything is well-maintained, there is a restaurant, a swimming pool, a playground for the little ones and a mini-market.

In the pictures, you can see that we had to stand on a sandy surface, but that's because we found only 2 places free (July 2023), and so we were happy to stay there. I highly recommend 👌🏻

📌 Link to location: Click Here

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