Fortress Da Insua, Portugalia, Hiszpania, Portugal, Spain Border
Zachwycający widok na Rio Minho w Caminha. Kamperem po Portugalii. Odkryj kierunki podróży w Portugalii. A stunning view of the Rio Minho in Caminha. By campervan in Portugal. Discover travel destinations in Portugal

The tiny island of Ínsua de Santo Isidro, with its fortress, Forte da Ínsua

We barely made it to the campground that evening, and then we headed to the beach, despite it being July, there was a chill in the air... The sun was slowly setting behind the horizon, and we found ourselves staring at what appeared to be rocks protruding above the waterline...

It wasn't until the drone flight that doubts were dispelled - On a patch of land between Portugal and Spain is a fortress - Forte da Ínsua.

This small island, located on the picturesque island of Ínsua de Santo Isidro near Caminha, in the Viana do Castelo district of Portugal, just two hundred meters offshore, has historically served as a defense against pirates and a religious retreat.

Fortress Da Insua, Portugal, Spain Border

Initially, the island served as a place of worship, and over time it evolved into a hermitage with a simple structure, founded by the Franciscans of Galicia in 1392. Construction of the defensive fortress began in 1649-1652, with numerous repairs and upgrades in the 18th century, including the renovation of the church nave and the addition of new cells. By 1834, the fortress had lost its original, including sacred, character, becoming solely a defensive position.

Forteca Insua Na Wyspie

Today, the fortress no longer serves military or defensive purposes. Recognized as a Monumento Nacional since 1910, it has stood the test of time, although its state of preservation is of concern.... Thanks to the "Revive" program, which encourages private investment in the preservation of national heritage, it has a chance for new life. The project envisions the tourist development of the island, which will undoubtedly boost tourism in this region of Portugal.

PS The object can be visited, in the nearby port ask about the possibility of crossing 😉.


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