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Zachwycający widok na Rio Minho w Caminha. Kamperem po Portugalii. Odkryj kierunki podróży w Portugalii. A stunning view of the Rio Minho in Caminha. By campervan in Portugal. Discover travel destinations in Portugal

Minho River. The Picturesque Border Between Portugal and Spain

The Minho River, flowing as the natural border between Spain and Portugal, meets its majestic end at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, becoming a convergence point of cultures, histories, and landscapes.


The area around the river mouth, known for its lush greenery and rich biodiversity. In the vicinity of the village Caminha There are viewpoints, unique beaches, bays with wonderful views, dense pine forests, and charming villages.

  • We had the opportunity to spend the night at a campsite located at the very tip 👉🏻 Read more
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