Parque De Las Ciencias - Interaktywna Podróż Do Świata Nauki

Parque de las Ciencias – an interactive journey into the world of science

Fun for the whole family!

This place in Andalusia isn't very well-known, my Spanish neighbor recommended it to me, for which I'm very grateful 😉

What to see in Granada read HERE - in this post, I'm focusing on the main attractions of the old town and the Alhambra. However, Granada is a bustling urban center with interesting architecture in its newer districts, trendy clubs, restaurants, galleries, museums, and other places worth visiting. 

One such place is the Parque de las Ciencias, the Science Park, which I highly recommend especially for families with children. However, I believe that the interesting exhibits and displays make an impression on all visitors, regardless of age.

Parque De Las Ciencias - Interaktywna Podróż Do Świata Nauki

The modern building is divided into several sections, including a thematic hall about space exploration where you can touch meteorites or visit the planetarium. There's a section dedicated to human anatomy, a mini zoo called Biodomo, as well as exhibits on geology, animals, artificial intelligence, robots, dinosaurs, and other fields of science - there's really a lot to explore. What I particularly liked is that each section offers plenty of interactivity, which is sure to appeal to children. They can solve puzzles made from X-ray images to hang on a lightbox, perform ultrasounds on a "pregnant mannequin," or learn how other medical devices such as CT scanners or X-ray machines work, which you could examine up close.

Parque De Las Ciencias - Interaktywna Podróż Do Świata Nauki

What impressed me the most were the installations in the room about animals. Incredible, dramatic scenes depicting predators seemingly frozen in time as they hunt their prey... and all in a 1:1 scale. 

Parque De Las Ciencias - Interaktywna Podróż Do Świata Nauki

The small rooms where workshops and mini-lectures are held are also fantastic, with shelves displaying dozens of jars filled with formalin, each containing preserved parts of various animals such as whale hearts, tapeworms, reptiles, spiders, amphibians, and other creatures.

Parque De Las Ciencias - Interaktywna Podróż Do Świata Nauki

You can read more about the expositions on the official site - CLICK HERE

It's best to buy tickets for the main exhibition and then add on additional attractions like the planetarium. To see everything, you'll probably need more than 2 hours, depending on your interests. Just visiting the planetarium alone takes over an hour of stargazing, not to mention participating in workshops, creative activities, etc., which can be a bit overwhelming for a child. It's best to split the visit over 2 days and also take advantage of attractions in the old town.

Under the main entrance is the entrance to the paid parking. The trip from Málaga is about an hour in time.

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