Świąteczna Zambomba Z Jerez

The Festive Zambomba from Jerez

One of Andalusia's Christmas traditions

Chciałam opisać bożonarodzeniowe tradycje andaluzyjskie, coś więcej niż o corocznym, uroczystym włączeniu dekoracyjnego oświetlenia ulicy Larios w Maladze, bo w każdej prowincji dzieje się coś unikalnego w tym czasie, ale ze względu na to, że zwyczajnie nie zdążyłam, zostawię sobie ten temat na “za rok” 😉 i króciutko wspomnę o ZAMBOMBIE z Jerez (wym. z herez).

In Andalusia, Christmas is celebrated over two days – Christmas Eve, or La Nochebuena (pronounced 'noh-che-BWEN-ah'), leading into Christmas Day, La Navidad. The Zambomba is a traditional pre-Christmas gathering that takes place in Jerez, in the province of Cadiz. It's an opportunity for communal singing of Christmas-themed songs and carols, sharing traditional dishes, and sampling local wines. The goal is to have a joyful, delicious, colorful, and sociable time!

The origins of the ZAMBOMBA stretch back hundreds of years when neighborhood gatherings were primarily held in the courtyards of towns and villages. People shared food, wine, and songs, the lyrics and rhythms of which were part of the popular culture of the time. In Jerez, melodies and musical compositions were dominated by flamenco, and today, the zambomba de Jerez has become a hallmark of the cultural identity of Jerez and all of Andalusia.

Feliz Navidad a Todos!


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