John Lennon W Almerii. Andaluzyjska Historia Powstania Hitu The Beatles

John Lennon w Almerii. Andaluzyjska historia powstania hitu The Beatles

Almeria's Tale Behind the Iconic Tune: Strawberry Fields Forever

It was the fall of 1966 when the not-yet-26-year-old John Lennon arrived in Almeria to take part in the filming of the comedy, "How I Won the War," where he portrayed the character Musketeer Gripweed.

For the first few weeks, the artist stayed in an apartment at El Delfín Verde, located on Zapillo Beach in Almeria. It was there, surrounded by boredom and solitude, that he created the initial sounds of the famous song "Strawberry Fields Forever." Next to the green dolphin stood the El Manzanilla restaurant, where the musician often stopped by for dinner. On October 9, 1966, he celebrated his 26th birthday there, accompanied by his wife Cynthia and Ringo Starr, who came especially for the occasion.

During the visit of his wife and friend, Lennon rented the famous Cortijo Romero villa, a grand residence dating back to 1866, which, during the filming of spaghetti westerns, was inhabited by many stars of the international cinema scene. The iron gates and lush gardens surrounding the estate were meant to remind Lennon of his childhood and the time he played in the Salvation Army's Strawberry Field garden in Liverpool, located near the musician's family home.

Cortijo Romero Almeria

Inspired by the scenery and somewhat bored with his time on the coast, as he admitted in one of his later interviews, Lennon created a nostalgic melody, which he first recorded in its entirety in one of the bathrooms of the residence. The single "Strawberry Fields Forever," considered one of the flagship works of psychedelic rock, is regarded as one of the best in The Beatles' rich discography.

The residence years later became a museum of cinema history, now known as the Casa del Cine de Almería, in which we can, among other things, visit the mentioned bathroom, inside which there is a designer bathtub decorated with the lyrics of a famous song.

While strolling through the center of Almeria, you'll come across a monument depicting John playing the guitar. Additionally, the "Lennon Forever Almería" association was established to ensure that the memory of The Beatles and the artist's stay in the city and its surroundings remains alive in the pages of the city's history. The group is active on Facebook, working diligently to preserve the legacy of The Beatles and their impact on the region. CLICK HERE 

In later years, other band members also found themselves visiting Almeria. For instance, in 1971, Ringo Starr made an appearance in Almeria's Tabernas desert, playing the role of Candi on the set of the western film "Blindman".

Compilation of all scenes from the film "How I won the war" in which Lennon appeared:


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