Nature Video. Birds and the Nature of Algarve. Ludo Trail, Faro

It's just how it is, the further along in life you are, the more the days seem to shorten... When I'm out there observing and recording, it's like time doesn't exist. Then I return to 'reality,' feeling a bit disoriented, not knowing where to start or what to focus on. I'm unsure if I'll manage to piece together what I recorded many months ago when we lived in Faro, organizing it thematically; there's quite a collection stored on my hard drives. Although I lost many of those turbo shots I was incredibly proud of... while transferring and deleting contents from memory cards to make room for future shoots. A year ago, I had some idea of how to tackle it, but now it's challenging to reconstruct. New things keep piling up, but time doesn't stretch. However, I'm trying my best to keep it fresh in my mind... so, from time to time, I'll be uploading these kinds of short films here.

The materials are created while observing the nature of Algarve, where every corner surprises with its diversity and beauty. I take photos during bike rides, moments carved out during the day just for myself :), sometimes planning sessions... in the early mornings, evenings, whenever time and weather permit...

...I'm so fascinated by what surrounds me... I capture it to immortalize the moment :)

Perhaps I'll put together something more serious in the future, maybe not... What matters is that somewhere in that makeshift disguise, sometimes lying in the mud, I'm having a good time... 🙂

...and fulfilling my most important mission ;)

🇵🇹 More About Ludo Trail Park in Faro / Algarve, you can read 👉🏻 Here!

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