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Mark Your Calendars - February 28th is Andalusia Day!

Day of Andalusia, celebrated every year on February 28th, marks the anniversary of the 1980 referendum in which the people of Andalusia voted to establish their own autonomous community within Spain, a decision that was subsequently legally ratified.

This day is filled with various parades and fiestas, with the streets of cities adorned in the distinctive white and green colors, and the Andalusian flag displayed prominently. The flag's colors are meant to evoke the beauty of the Andalusian landscape, symbolizing values of purity and hope for the future.

An interesting tidbit is that the green color on the flag is known as Verde Omeya Bandera de Andalucía, or Umayyad Green Flag of Andalusia, harking back to the Umayyads, a dynasty of caliphs who ruled these lands (then known as Al-Andalus) from 756 to 1031.

Flaga Andaluzji

At the center of the Andalusian flag is an emblem designed by Blas Infante, depicting the mythical Greek hero Hercules standing between two columns – symbolizing Gibraltar, which, according to ancient Greeks, was one of the pillars at the gateway to the known world.

In the emblem, Hercules is shown dominating over two strong lions, representing the taming of animalistic instinct. Beneath them, the inscription ANDALUCÍA POR SÍ, PARA ESPAÑA Y LA HUMANIDAD translates to "Andalusia for herself, Spain, and humanity."

The Andalusian flag can be seen at every official building, universities, schools, preschools, and other public places, flying alongside the red and yellow flag of the Kingdom of Spain.

🇪🇸🔆 Viva Andalucía! Te extraño mucho 🪭


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