Alcazaba W Maladze - Spacer Przez Zabytkową Fortecę

Alcazaba in Malaga - A Walk through the Historic Fortress

Iconic Landmark of Malaga

The term alcazaba appears in many travel guides describing Spanish monuments. For many, this is confusing, and they often mistakenly attribute this name to a specific object.

Alcazaba is a Spanish word that refers to a type of fortress or citadel, built mainly during the medieval times on the Iberian Peninsula, especially during the Muslim rule. The term originates from the Arabic word "al-qasbah", which means a fortressAlcazabas were strategically placed on hills and characterized by solid walls, towers, and other defensive elements. They served military and administrative functions, acting as both military bases and governmental centers for Muslim emirs, which is why some contained palaces and gardens.

This impressive fortress is one of the best-preserved examples of Moorish military architecture in Spain.

Alcazaba W Maladze - Spacer Przez Zabytkową Fortecę

The fortress was built by the Moors in the 11th century on the site of a former Roman fortress, using building materials sourced from a nearby Roman theater. It was connected by a wall to a castle located slightly higher up on the hill Gibralfaro, which facilitated communication and defence of the city.

  • The architects aimed to create an impregnable character for the alcazaba. They developed an advanced defensive system that was incredibly innovative for its time. The fortress was designed with three successive layers of defense, making it one of the most inaccessible defensive complexes of those times.
  • If an enemy unit managed to breach the first barrier, they would be faced with a second, and then a third line of defense. Each subsequent zone presented an increasingly greater challenge for the invaders, who would have to confront further fortifications and obstacles. Breaking through all these barriers was an extremely difficult task.
  • Not only defense was considered, but also the preservation of the lives of the residents and commanders. In the event of an attack, the population along with the commanders could escape through hidden corridors.
  • One of the most closely guarded secrets of the residents of Alcazaba was the Airón Well. Once upon a time, beneath the fortress, a natural spring was discovered. To reach it, they carved out a 40-meter-deep well in the rocks. Of course, everything was dug without the use of fancy equipment, but the effort paid off because since the water wheel was set in motion, the inhabitants didn't have to worry about running out of clean water, which was crucial, especially in times of potential siege.
  • Within its walls lie beautiful gardens, courtyards, and fountains, which were added in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • The structure has served as the backdrop for many films, including "Lawrence of Arabia," "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," and "Game of Thrones."
Alcazaba W Maladze - Spacer Przez Zabytkową Fortecę

For those interested in history, I recommend visiting the nearby Malaga Archaeological Museum (Museo de Malaga), where artifacts from the region's rich history are on display. You can find more information on the official website here.

ALCAZABA Official Site: Click Here

Tickets can be purchased at the box office at the entrance. Prices: Click here


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