Benalmadena, Centrum Wybrzeża Słońca - Costa Del Sol

Benalmadena, the heart of the Sun Coast – Costa del Sol

Golden, sandy beaches are definitely one of the many highlights of Benalmadena.

Benalmadena has become a travel destination for tens of thousands of tourists from all over Europe and beyond. No surprise there, as its well-maintained sandy beaches are just one of its many attractions. It's part of the Malaga metropolitan area, nestled between Torremolinos and Fuengirola. It also boasts one of Spain's major marinas, attracting yachts from around the globe.

We've lived in this city for a few years, so I could share quite a bit about Benal... 🙂

History of Benalmadena

Pierwsze ludzkie osady założone zostały w okolicach nawet 20 000 lat p.n.e., świadczą o tym pozostałości archeologiczne odnalezione w trzech jaskiniach, umiejscowionych w okolicach góry Calamorro: Cueva del Toro, Cueva del Botijo & Cueva de la Zorrera.

Benalmadena, Centrum Wybrzeża Słońca - Costa Del Sol

In the 7th and 8th centuries, the Phoenicians arrived in the vicinity of Benalmadena in search of mineral deposits, which they successfully exported across the Mediterranean Basin. Later, Phoenician settlements were overtaken and replaced by the expanding Roman Empire. The town's modern name was given in the 11th century by the Moors – Banu Al Madena, meaning son of the mine.

In the Middle Ages, the life of Benalmadena's inhabitants unfolded amidst the town and castle's formidable defensive walls, serving an important function as a coastal defense point between the cities of Mijas and Malaga. In 1456, as a result of a Christian raid during the Reconquista, the walls and other structures were almost completely destroyed, leaving little of the town intact. The surviving residents were transported, among other places, to Mijas to rebuild their lives.

In 1485, during the final expedition of King Ferdinand II of Aragon, the town was once again invaded and completely destroyed along with the castle. The devastation of the area around Benalmadena was further compounded by recurring pirate attacks and the occurrence of an earthquake, including a tsunami...

Z tamtych czasów pozostały na wybrzeżu pozostałości trzech wież: Molo, Quebrada & Bermeja (ta znajduje się przed portem).

Benalmadena, Centrum Wybrzeża Słońca - Costa Del Sol

In the 18th century, the local economy was slowly reactivated with the construction of six paper mills, and the cultivation of vineyards, sweet potatoes, almonds, and figs began. Later on, the area was plagued by various disease epidemics and crises. Life moved slowly, day by day, until the mid-1960s, when the city and its beautiful beaches were recognized and widely promoted beyond Spain's borders, coinciding with the rapid development of commercial tourism. This development continues today, and Benalmadena is at the forefront of resorts on the "Sun Coast" in terms of visits, making it one of the most popular holiday resorts in Spain!

What's worth seeing in Benalmadena?

The city consists of three major parts:

  • Benalmádena Pueblo – is the oldest part of the city, built with typical Andalusian architecture: characteristic colorful pots with lush flowers decorate the whitewashed walls of houses along narrow, cobblestone streets. Well-maintained, charming squares invite you to enjoy neighborly gatherings in the afternoon, for example, at Plaza de España or Plaza Andalucia. Overlooking the town is the quaint church of Iglesia de Santo Domingo de Guzmán, from whose vicinity you can enjoy beautiful views of the coast.
  • Benalmádena Costa – is the newer part of the city, located along the coast. Here you'll mainly find seaside hotels, a promenade, modern residential areas, and a variety of services and an expanded marina.
  • Arroyo de la Miel – originally a separate settlement, located between the other two parts of Benalmadena, Pueblo and Costa. It is primarily a residential area and the most commercially active. Here you can find the train station that connects: Fuengirola – Benalmadena/Arroyo de la Miel – Torremolinos, with Malaga.
Benalmadena, Centrum Wybrzeża Słońca - Costa Del Sol

Places worth visiting in Benalmadena Costa

  • The yacht port and marina (Puerto Deportivo de Benalmádena "Puerto Marina") – this facility was completed in 1979 and is characterized by its rare Andalusian-Moorish style architecture, which has gained international recognition (in 1995 and 1997, it was voted the most beautiful marina in the world!). In front of the marina, from the city side, is Torre Bermeja, a watchtower with a diameter of 3 meters and a height of 10 meters, built by Muslims at the end of the 15th century.
Benalmadena, Centrum Wybrzeża Słońca - Costa Del Sol
  • Sea Life Benalmádena Aquarium - marine aquarium with many species of animals living there
  • La Paloma City Park - covering an area of 200,000 m², inhabited by many species of plants and animals (including donkeys, peacocks, guinea pigs, chickens, roosters, deer, roe deer, and many others), as well as a lake that is home to numerous animals, including turtles.
  • Selwo Marina Dolphinarium - Water park with dolphins, penguins and seals
  • The Benalmádena Cable Car (Teleférico de Benalmádena) – stretching 5,565 meters, it takes you to the summit of Calamorro Mountain (at an elevation of 771 meters above sea level). From it, you can admire the view of the Costa del Sol coastline and the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, and on a clear day, you can also see the Rock of Gibraltar and the outline of the Moroccan coast. When heading up, check the schedule for the bird of prey flight shows. It's a fantastic nature lesson for the whole family! Link for information
  • Castillo Bil Bil – a distinctive building with Arabic-style architecture located right by the beach. The castle serves as a public facility, often hosting art exhibitions and musical performances. It is the venue where the civil weddings take place!

Places worth visiting in Benalmadena Pueblo

  • ChatGPT The Enlightenment Stupa (Stupa Benalmádena, Tibetan Stupa, Estupa de la Iluminación) – a Buddhist stupa (sacred building) standing 108 feet (33 meters) tall, the largest of its kind in Europe. Regular exhibitions on Tibetan Buddhism and Himalayan culture are held in the lower part
  • Mariposario Benalmádena - facility with an exhibition of butterflies, plants and exotic animals, is located right next to the Stupa
  • Castillo de Colomares – constructed in dedication to Christopher Columbus and his achievements, it is the largest monument dedicated to the explorer. Its architecture is a blend of several styles: Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic, and Moorish.
  • Archeological Museum (Museo de Benalmádena) with local artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age
Benalmadena, Centrum Wybrzeża Słońca - Costa Del Sol

Golden beaches

Benalmadena has almost 20 kilometers of coastline and 17 beaches with a total length of 8,520 meters! Some of them are sandy and some are pebbled.

Benalmadena, Centrum Wybrzeża Słońca - Costa Del Sol
  • Arroyo Hondo, Carvajal
  • Bil-Bil, La Morera
  • Arroyo de la Miel
  • Benalnatura – jedna z pierwszych plaż nudystów w Hiszpanii
  • Fuente de la Salud
  • La Perla
  • Las Viborillas
  • Las Yucas
  • Malapesquera / Malapesca / Torre Bermeja
  • Melilleros
  • Santa Ana
  • Tajo de la Soga
  • Torremuelle
  • Torrequebrada 
  • Torrevigía

For fans of wildlife and mountain tramps

Calamorro hike – It's best to leave your car around Calle Oregano and then continue up the path. The ascent is not difficult, and you can enjoy magnificent views of the coast, Malaga, and the surrounding mountain ranges, including the Sierra Nevada with the peak of Mulhacen in the distance. Unfortunately, without a ticket for the cable car, you won't have the opportunity to see the bird of prey flight shows at the top. The shows take place at various times, which you can check – Click Here

Where to eat

These are my recommendations, if you have any cool pub worthy of recommendation - please write in the comments after the article:

Benalmadena Costa:

  • Lime & Lemon
  • Panorama Bistro Bar
  • La Cubana
  • Erase Una Vez
  • Taperia de Bodeguita
  • Pocho’s Bar
  • Harry’s Restro – dobra kuchnia indyjska

Benalmadena Pueblo:

  • Restaurante La Fuente
  • Restaurante El Muro
  • La Tajea Gastrotaperia
  • Resteurante LA Perla

Arroyo de la Miel:

  • La Alternativa - a typical Spanish pub, a little too "under the tourists", but the food fresh and very good
  • Tribu - Meat, vegetarian and vegan dinners, healthy cuisine 
  • Tio Blas
  • Rincón Asturiano
  • La Taverna dei Sapori - a charming couple of zhispanic Italians - delicious Italian food

The choice of restaurants is really large, there is something for everyone, for every budget and circumstance.

How to get there?

Search for connections, book cheap tickets for buses, trains and discover Andalusia!


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