Conil De La Frontera - Mekka Surferów Na Costa De La Luz

Conil de la Frontera – a surfer's paradise on the Costa de la Luz

A quaint town by the ocean

Beaches, beaches, and more beaches – because the playas here are stunning! Wide, some surrounded by cliffs, others stretched as far as the horizon. They are highly regarded by tourists and, of course, surfers.

In Conil, check out a must-see:

  • tiny center with Guzman's tower
  • Iglesia Parish of Saint Catherine of Alexandria
  • Bays: Calas de Roche, Cala del aceite, Cala Encendida, 
  • Playa Fontanilla
  • walk to Cabo Roche

What to eat Conil de la Frontera

The small center of Conil mainly consists of bars, restaurants, and tapas bars. We ate at the recommended and supposedly iconic bar Los Hermanos, in front of which a long and lively queue forms before opening. A friend recommended we try chocos, squid local to the Cadiz area. It's served in various ways: grilled, fried, stewed, baked...

Conil de la Frontera is one of the coziest places we've had the chance to visit. Beautiful, wide beaches, excellent conditions for water sports, great food, a nice and well-maintained town that invites for a stroll. It has an atmosphere similar to Tarifa... Full of surfers, slipping through the narrow streets with boards under their arms...


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