Trekking | Jaen - Rio Borosa

Trekking | Jaen – Rio Borosa

Trekking Along the Rapid River

I was very curious about this place. Jaén was always out of our way somehow, but finally we made it!
I've written about the natural pools of Jaén Province in another post. We really enjoyed the Parque Natural de las Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas . Beautiful mountains, rushing rivers, and streams - whatever the wanderer's soul desires! .. .

The trail along Rio Borosa delighted me in pictures years ago, and now I finally had the opportunity to see it with my own eyes.

The route begins on the spacious parking lot next to the Centro de Visitantes Río Borosa. We wanted to reach Cerrada de Elías, but unfortunately, due to the heat, we did not make it. First, the dog started protesting, and then the little one expressed their dislike of walking more kilometers.

We walked a significant portion of the route. It was enough to discover how beautiful this place is. We found our spot and enjoyed the crystal-clear water and the nature around us.

PS About Cerrada de Elías ...I know that one day we'll get there :)


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