Ogród Botaniczny Molino Inca W Torremolinos

Molino Inca botanical garden in Torremolinos

A serene spot hidden in the shade of lush plants.

The history of Torremolinos is undeniably intertwined with the story of the mills that operated in the area for centuries. Some were used for grinding flour, while others produced brown paper. One of the oldest can be explored in the botanical garden on the outskirts of Torremolinos.

Jardín Botánico Molino de IncaEstablished in 2003, the garden is home to nearly a thousand plant species, including 150 different types of palms. The mill was powered by water, which flows swiftly beneath the surface of the ground. Of particular interest is the Japanese garden area, featuring elements typical of Kraju kwitnącej wiśni roślinności.

If you happen to be near the park - worth stopping by. In my opinion, it's not a "must-see" attraction, but it is indeed a pleasant place for a stroll, and kids can learn a lot about ancient grain milling devices. We visited the park in winter, when the plants were not yet bursting with the colors and lushness that attract tourists in spring and summer.

PS And I won't comment on the birds in cages, as I believe it's time to end these ordeals for frightened animals kept as decorations in park corners...


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