Ojén - Andaluzyjskie Białe Miasteczko Na Zboczach Sierra De Las Nieves

Ojen - an Andalusian white town nestled on the slopes of the Sierra de las Nieves

A haven for lovers of rural atmosphere, where one can escape the summer tourist hustle and bustle.

Ojen village and its neighbor Istan These are lesser-known but precious places where you can enjoy rural tranquility amidst the Andalusian mountains.

Ojen is located on the slopes of the mountains Blanca y Alpujarra, in the picturesque range of Sierra de las Nieves Nestled just 9 km from Marbella, amidst the snowy mountains (not to be confused with the Sierra Nevada), Ojen bears a special charm, influenced by the Arab rule from 711 AD. Like other similar towns in Andalusia, its name is derived from Arabic Joxan - rough and hard, then was pronounced as Hoxen,

Oxen, to finally become Ojen. _ _ _).
Similarly to Istan, in Ojen, one can listen to the briskly flowing streams of water that also irrigate the crops cultivated on the nearby hills.

What to see in Ojen

Before entering the town from the main parking area, you'll come across the "El Chorrillo" spring, renowned for its excellent quality fresh water. The streets within the town are very narrow and steep, winding between whitewashed facades of Andalusian houses, modestly adorned with azulejos and blue pots filled with lush vegetation.

Numerous viewpoints reveal the beautiful landscape where the mountains meet the sea, and you can observe the "terrace" life of the locals, as from higher vantage points, you can perfectly see the rooftops and "solariums" of Ojen's estates. On one of the upper floors, you'll find the Cueva de las Columnas caves - natural karstic monuments originally used as animal shelters, now enhancing the stroll around the area.

As in all such villages, the center is dominated by a square with the La Iglesia de la Encarnación church from the 16th century, built on an old mosque, where the minaret has been preserved and transformed into a bell tower. In the center, next to the church, you'll also find the charming Fuente de los Chorros fountain, which is actually a symbol of the town, offering visitors fresh water.

Attractions and tastes of Ojen

One of the major events to look forward to here all year is one of the most important and oldest flamenco festivals in Spain El Festival Flamenco Castillo del Cante. Przez scenę imprezy przewinęły się prawdziwe gwiazdy tego gatunku.

The cuisine of Ojen is based on local products such as legumes, vegetables, game meat, goat cheese, milk, and fruits sourced from nearby orchards and villages. A distinctive feature here is the use of dill as a seasoning. For fans of Andalusian cuisine, a true delight will be the characteristic dish of the region ajoblanco, or fine gazpacho with added grapes and almonds.

I recommend visiting El Museo del Molino de Aceite (the building is located right next to the main parking area), which houses the original machines used for olive milling, as well as the Wine Museum, situated in an old distillery famous throughout Spain brandy from Ojen.

What to see nearby Ojen

Once you've become sated with walking in Ojen, it's worth driving a little further into the area El Refugio de Juanar and go to Mirador de Juanar, from which you can enjoy the view of the surrounding peaks and the coast of the sun.... lovely...

How to get there?

By bus from Marbella. If you go by car in front of the town there is a large comfortable parking lot. With a camper, you can also park comfortably.


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