Piękno Przełęczy Stelvio W Alpejskim Krajobrazie

Stelvio Pass - Alpine Queen of the Passes

Campervan Adventure. A Ride Through One of the Highest Roads in the World

The route is a mecca for car and motorcycle enthusiasts, cyclists, and mountain view enthusiasts.

The drive is certainly recommended to drivers with nerves of steel and experience, especially if the journey starts in Trafoi and ends in Bormio, as this is the most demanding direction due to the steep climbs and narrow road.

Stelvio Pass - Królowa Przełęczy W Alpach

Stelvio Pass key parameters:

  • Altitude: 2758m, making it the highest hard-surfaced mountain road in the Eastern Alps, the second highest in the Alps, and one of the highest roads in the world!
  • The curves There are 48 hairpin turns, and they are numbered on the northern section, the famous North Face.
  • Length of the drive 35 km of spectacular views! Assuming the distance from Trafoi to Bormio

The route

We kicked off our journey around 9 in the morning from the campground in Trafoi to beat any potential crowds.

The first few twists and turns gave us a taste of what was to come, and the GPS was lit up with nothing but sharp zigzags…

After a few climbs above the treeline, the real ascent began, and we tried to take the turns as widely as possible, because maneuvering a 20-foot camper isn’t quite like driving a car—it's heavy, and the road got steeper by the minute. I'll admit, it was nerve-wracking. We had to constantly check if there was enough room to make the turn at the top, because each time we had to swing into the opposite lane, with only guardrails between us and the drop-off, praying nothing was coming down the road.

We had one stressful situation when we got stuck on a sharp curve. We started to sway as we tried to get out of the hole because the rear wheel was hanging over a broken drainpipe and collapsed tarmac. Oncoming vehicles from the opposite direction didn't make it any easier to get out of the trap, as they had nowhere to go back.

Stelvio Pass - Królowa Przełęczy W Alpach

Fortunately, after a few minutes, we managed to get out of the trap. We carefully made our way upwards, turn after turn, with stunning views of the alpine glaciers.

Finally, we reached the top! It was a moment of rest for us and the campervan. We admired the Queen of the Alpine Passes and the masterpiece of road architecture. We were happy to have made it so high! We took some photos and started the descent towards Bormio.

I made a video so you can get a glimpse of the route and see how beautiful it is! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! :)

Here are a few of my insights that you may find useful:

  • Only drive this road if you feel comfortable behind the wheel and your vehicle is in good condition!
  • If you have any concerns about the technical condition of your vehicle, choose a different route!!
  • The most demanding section of the road is the pass on the Trafoi - the famous North Face.
  • If you are driving a camper van or RV, it is important to be aware that turning back from the North Face is almost impossible
  • It is best to get an early start to avoid traffic, especially in summer and on weekends.
  • The turns aren't as sharp as on Bormio's side, and climbing is much easier.
  • Due to the high altitude, a rapid change in pressure can cause dizziness.

It's one of those experiences that stays in mind for a long time, and I'm happy we had the opportunity to drive the second-highest route in the Alps.

Stevio Pass is open during the summer months. You can check the conditions on the route on the official website Click Here


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