Torcal De Antequera - Surrealistyczne Krajobrazy Rodem Z Innej Planety

Torcal de Antequera – surreal landscapes straight out of another world!

This natural wonder is located just 30 km north of Malaga! It's a true masterpiece of nature, tucked away in the heart of Andalusia.

One of the more delightful places in Andalusia is a nature reserve Paraje Natural Torcal de AntequeraThis true masterpiece of nature is nestled just 30 km north of Malaga, spanning 17 square kilometers and boasting around 1000 caves.

The surreal landscape, reminiscent of scenes from another planet, is due to the spectacular limestone formations sculpted by ongoing karstic processes. These rocks began shaping around 200 million years ago when much of Europe and the Middle East were submerged underwater, leaving behind traces of ammonites that can still be found in the park. 

Some of the rocks, with their distinctive shapes, have earned their names. Here are a few you can admire:
El Tornillo (The Screw): A towering rock formation that resembles a giant screw, twisting up into the sky.

La Esfinge (The Sphinx): Resembling the mythical creature, this rock formation captures the imagination with its sphinx-like profile.

El Sombrero de Tres Picos (The Three-Peaked Hat): This rock formation looks like a three-peaked hat perched atop the landscape, adding a touch of whimsy to the scenery.

El Dinosaurio (The Dinosaur): Named for its resemblance to a dinosaur's head, this rock formation sparks the imagination of visitors of all ages.

La Pila de Platos (The Stack of Plates): This formation features layers of rock that resemble a stack of plates, creating a unique and striking sight against the horizon.

Each of these natural wonders adds to the enchanting allure of the landscape, inviting visitors to marvel at the beauty and wonder of Torcal de Antequera. _, _ _ _ _.  

Torcal De Antequera - Surrealistyczne Krajobrazy Rodem Z Innej Planety

For patient nature enthusiasts, there's also the opportunity to admire representatives of the flora and fauna world: including the griffon vulture, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, fox, and ibex. UNESCO has recognized the uniqueness of the park, placing it on the World Heritage List.

Torcal De Antequera - Surrealistyczne Krajobrazy Rodem Z Innej Planety

The park offers an astronomical observatory Click Here and a restaurant. On the official website, you can see the prepared trails, which vary in degree of difficulty Click Here, as well as the topic Click HereThe second option is paid, but with the guidance of a knowledgeable guide, we'll surely stay on track, which isn't difficult at all. Additionally, they'll help us spot traces of prehistory, such as ammonite fossils. 

At our discretion, we can also follow the cave trail or opt for a moonlit night hike. Dates and contact information for booking the excursion are available on the park's website. Click HereThe trails are well-marked, so all that's left to do is slip into comfortable shoes, pack plenty of water, and immerse ourselves in the magic of this rocky terrain.


The caves of the reserve served as the "lair of the witches" in the backdrop of the 1981 film "Clash of the Titans."

How to get there?

The journey along the A-7075 road itself is a grand attraction, treating us to beautiful views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Upon reaching the park, follow the signs for the "Torcal Alto Visitors Center." Access for private vehicles to the upper parking lot is limited, so it's best to leave the car at the lower parking lot right by the A-7075 road. To reach the summit, follow the "orange" trail indicated on the information board near the parking lot, which is approximately a 3.7 km walk. Alternatively, you can take the shuttle buses available for 1.5 euros (round trip fare).


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