Wielki Tydzień W Maladze / Wielkanoc W Andaluzji

Holy Week in Málaga / Easter in Andalusia

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the solemn celebration of Holy Week - Semana Santa

Rumbling drums could be heard from afar, rhythmically pounding out the slow rhythm of the procession. Never before had I been so close to an event of this kind, and it made a profound impression on me.

Wielki Tydzień W Maladze / Wielkanoc W Andaluzji

We've been to the parades in Malaga and Benalmadena, and I can't recommend enough seeing this event in person because the atmosphere is truly unique… And it seems like a lot of tourists share our sentiment… The numbers speak for themselves – Sevilla alone missed out on 400 million Euros in tourism revenue because of the cancellation of Holy Week celebrations in the pandemic year of 2020. This just shows how significant Holy Week is for the region. (Source: Click).

Crowds of people watch the brotherhoods and hooded Nazarenes (Hermandades de Pasión) move slowly in candlelight. The smell of burning candles, incense, shouts, bells, and chimes, the sound of drums and trumpets—the processions taking place after dark provide the most extraordinary sensations.

Wielki Tydzień W Maladze / Wielkanoc W Andaluzji

The huge altars called pasos are carried by costaleros, members of brotherhoods who all year round prepare platforms weighing up to several tonnes.

The most distinctive are nazarenos. Dressed in robes, they look majestic... They wear pointed hoods on their heads, which are meant to symbolize salvation. Their attire and the very tradition of belonging to brotherhoods are deeply rooted in the culture of Andalusia.

Wielki Tydzień W Maladze / Wielkanoc W Andaluzji

The parade routes are beautifully decorated, and festivities take place in almost every town, but the biggest ones happen in Malaga and Seville.

While the costaleros (including Antonio Banderas himself) wear heavy rigs in their sweats, in the surrounding tapas bars and restaurants, life goes on at a normal pace, hosting crowds of jubilant tourists.

Benalmadena Pueblo and Málaga on Good Friday: Below you can watch two Videos I made in 2022

Processions in Benalmadena:

Processions in Malaga:

Heading to Andalusia for the Holy Week processions? Here’s your go-to guide to make the most out of this incredible experience.

  1. Plan Ahead: Holy Week is a huge deal in Andalusia, attracting thousands of visitors. Accommodations and transport can fill up fast.
  2. Check the Schedule: Each city has its own lineup for the processions. Dive into the official city websites to check out the dates and routes so you don't miss the events that interest you the most.
  3. Be Ready for Crowds: The processions can draw huge crowds, especially in cities like Seville and Malaga. Expect tight spaces. To make the experience more comfortable, some folks even bring along portable chairs, or foldable stools to enjoy the event from a better vantage point.
  4. Use Public Transportation: Finding parking can be a challenge, so it's smarter to use public transport or get to the procession spots on foot.
  5. Patience Is Key: With large crowds and processions blocking the streets, getting around might take longer than usual.

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