Tu Mieszkał Największy Krokodyl Europy!

Right here lived Europe's largest crocodile!

Torremolinos – the water park is crawling with crocodiles!

Paco – that's the friendly name of the largest crocodile in Europe, measuring 5 meters in length and weighing 600 kg. He was a resident of the Crocodile Park in Torremolinos from 1999 to 2018. Now, well-preserved, he's on display in the exhibition hall... what a cutie...

During the show, the presenter sharing fascinating facts about crocodile life wanders between the ponds, calling out the toothy residents one by one by stirring the water with a stick...

There's one giant there, and I must admit, when he was called upon to show himself to the audience, the speed of his leap and the size of his jaw with those sharp teeth truly impressed me... Imagine encountering one like him in the wilds of Africa...

The park was a huge hit for our little one. It's a really cool and educational spot to spend just over an hour in the company of some not-so-friendly-looking reptiles.

Park's website Click Here. It is worth finding out at what time the animal presentation and mini lecture is conducted.


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