Wakana - Indiańska Kraina W Andaluzji…

WAKANA village - tipi in Andalusia

🎶🙏 Wakana - is a Japanese name that means - harmony, music, and completeness...

We were driving through the Parque Natural Los Alcornocales on the A-2226 road when we saw a group of Indian tipis picturesquely located by the Embalse De Celemin dam lake. We immediately turned off the road to get a closer look.

The place is called WAKANA, and we enjoyed it very much. The view of horses walking lazily across the coastal meadows, tipis ready to welcome guests, hammocks swinging gently in the wind, campfires, whimsically suspended tree swings, a wooden bar and pier, and relaxation platforms on the lake... all of this soothes the nerves and calms the soul.

If you're looking for this type of attraction - it's definitely worth a visit!

There's plenty to do here: go horseback riding, hiking or biking, feel the adrenaline rush in a well-equipped rope park, shoot a bow and arrow, swim in the lake, enjoy water sports, or simply relax and watch the starry sky at night... These are just a few of the attractions that WAKANA has in store for its guests.

The site definitely invites you to get in touch with nature, and not far away is the Tajo de las Figuras, a cave hiding Phoenician remains, with paintings and the burial place of the dead at its bottom, in dolmens.

If you're looking for this type of attraction - a fun adventure, worth dropping by!


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