Plaża Bolonia. Jedna z najpiękniejszych plaż w Hiszpanii

Natural Gem of Andalusia

Bolonia Beach (Playa de Bolonia) is an icon of the southern part of the Spanish coast. It is huge, and the views from the top of the dune are amazing! When the wind blows, colorful kites start to appear on the water, as this is another dream place to practice water sports, especially kitesurfing.

Rzymskie ruiny na Boloni

Right next to the beach can be found the ruins of the Roman town of Baelo Claudia, founded at the end of the 2nd century BC. The streets form a rectangular shape, with two main arteries, one horizontal and the other vertical, crossing to the forum. The forum was the center of the city's political and commercial life, and it was an area where the main administrative buildings, such as the curia and basilica, were located.

The lower part of the whole complex is the monumental sector, including a theater built on the steepest slope, using it to build grandstands. The upper district is considered to be an area for ordinary residents.
The salt factories are still well-preserved, where the famous garum, a salty fish sauce with a distinctive flavor, obtained from fermented fish, was produced. Garum was one of the basic ingredients of the gourmet cuisine of ancient Rome.

Basílica Baelo 002

Baelo Claudia tworzyły rynek, łaźnie termalne i jeden z trzech akweduktów, które dostarczały mieszkańcom wodę. Miasto zostało uznane za stanowisko archeologiczne przez władze Andaluzji w 1989 roku.

Coastal hikes

Z Boloni wiedzie trasa widokowa, którą można dotrzeć do uroczego miasteczka rybackiego Zahara de los Atunes.. Spacer może w upale być wyczerpujący, ale na pewno warto podjąć wyzwanie, dla widoków, dla zdrowia i satysfakcji 🙂 Poniżej mapka trasy:

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