Co Warto Zwiedzić W Porto

Visiting the charming city of Porto

I was amazed by almost every picturesque street...

Our stay in Porto began at the RV parking lot near Cais do Cavaco 2, close to the Douro River and the city center. Duero is one of the longer rivers on the Iberian Peninsula, famous for its vineyards along the banks. The oldest of these, especially from the region, has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walking along the riverbank, you can marvel at the multi-level old town architecture and the sizable building of the Convention Center.


We decided to grab a bite at Mercado Central, where you can dive into a variety of fresh dishes. Located right in the heart of Porto, is the perfect spot to explore both local flavors and international delights. It's more than just a restaurant; it's a vibrant, lively place that perfectly captures the essence of the city and its culinary diversity.

From the camper parking, the left bank of the river is part of the separate municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, famous for its numerous wine cellars and warehouses. Walking down the main promenade, we'll encounter a long line of port wine producers' logos, and passing cozy cafés, we'll reach the cable car station. It takes us to the upper deck of the DOM LUIS I bridge (and yes, our she-wolf got to enjoy the ride too! :)). We were keen to try some port and learn more about this renowned drink, but were worried about whether it'd be feasible with a large dog... Our concerns were allayed by the team at Quinta dos Corvos, who welcomed us for a tasting - obrigada… :)

Co Warto Zwiedzić W Porto

To get to the other side, we can use the lower level of the bridge, used by vehicles, or go to the upper level, from where the view is awesome.

What is worth seeing in Vila Nova de Gaia:

  • Streets lined with port wine cellars and shops, where you can sample the famous port wine during a tasting
  • Logos of all manufacturers of porto 
  • cable car
Co Warto Zwiedzić W Porto

After getting off the bridge, we walked towards the beautiful São Bento railway station, a nineteenth-century building on the Rua de São Bento street, famous for its beautiful azulejos (Portuguese tiles) ornamenting the interior.

Here is a list of interesting places not to miss in Porto:

  • the old borough of Ribeira Ribeira
  • Church of St. Francis - the most famous church in the city
  • Palácio de Bolsa the national monument built in the neoclassic style in 1842. Now, it is a conference centre. Inside, there are rich decorations, especially in the famous Arab Room inspired by Spanish Alhambra
  • Praça de Carlos Alberto
  • Jardins do Palácio de Cristal
  • Cathedral Se – its construction started in the twelfth century
  • a baroque tower Clerigos 
  • Livraria Lello Bookshop – the iconic bookshop located in a beautiful neo-gothic building. The opening of the shop took place in 1881 by Jose and Antonio Lello brothers. It became a meeting place for intellectuals and book lovers…
  • Churches(IgrejasCarmo & Santa Clara
  • Funicular dos Guindais - a railway line, which was built in 1891. Residents still use it to avoid the crowds of tourists. The station is located at the foot of the Dom Luis Bridge.
  • The charming Capela das Almas de Santa Catarina
  • Further from the centre Serralves Art Museum 

Feel free to use the map below, which shows the main attractions of the city:


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