Niesamowite Widoki W Almeryjskim Parku Cabo De Gata-Níjar

The breathtaking views in the Almerian park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar

Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park is located only 30 km from Almeria, which you can read more about in the post HERE.

In 1997, the area was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The view of the park provides many impressions, moreover, the area is the largest coastal protected area in Andalusia&! The climate here is desert-like, and it is worth taking this into account when going trekking or biking here.

The mountains that make up the park's skyline belong to the mountain chain Sierra del Cabo de Gata, whose highest peak is an extinct volcano El Fraile. The mountain is493 meters above sea level.

In addition to being a natural zone protected by UNESCO, Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural the park is also Mediterranean Special Protected Area. It includes a strip of land, coastline and water up to about 60 meters deep.

The entire area is home to approximately 1100 species of animals, with the majority being birds such as flamingos, herons, cranes, ospreys, wandering falcons, and eagles. The park's flora includes agaves, cacti, dwarf shrubs, desert grasses, and miniature palms. Representatives of African fauna and flora are also a common sight in these parts.

The landscape is stunning. The azure color of the sea blends with orange-red plateaus and canyons dried by the sun. What's striking is the lack of tourist traffic, characteristic of Costa del Sol. It is all majestic, unique and beautiful.

Best and most beautiful beaches

In the coves nestled along the park's coastline, you'll find some of the most beautiful beaches on the coast and in all of Spain:

  • Playa de los Muertos
  • Playa de Mónsul (selected as one of Spain's 50 best beaches, by one of Spain's most popular tourism sites
  • Playa de Genoveses (recognized by the Skyscanner For the 4th best beach in Spain...)
  • Cala de Enmedio (was awarded by the New York Times as one of Europe's best beaches)
  • El Playazo
  • Playa de La Fabriquilla
  • Cala San Pedro
  • Cala del Plomo
  • Playa de Agua Amarga
  • Playa de las Salinas (Next to it is the distinctive Iglesia de las Salinas)

Picturesque Towns 

  • Rodalquilar - Near the town, about a kilometer away is the abovementioned La Playa de El Playazo, on the road to which there is a dating from the 16th century La Torre de los Alumbres, the oldest building in the park
  • San Miguel de Cabo de Gata
  • Las Negras
  • Carboneras
  • La Isleta del Moro
  • San Miguel
  • Agua Amarga
    San Jose – charming little town
Niesamowite Widoki W Almeryjskim Parku Cabo De Gata-Níjar

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