Tarifa - Podróż Na Najbardziej Wysunięty Na Południe Punkt Europy!

Tarifa – a journey to the southernmost tip of Europe!

From here, it's just 14 km (about 8.7 miles) to Africa! What to see in Tarifa?

Tarifa is often overlooked in vacation plans, which is a pity because its hippie-surf vibe is incredibly unique!

This place is unique not just because of the almost constant wind or the sheer beauty of the area but also because of its location. It's the southernmost point of continental Spain and the closest city to the African continent. A souvenir photo taken at Punta de Tarifa – the southernmost point of Europe – will surely become one of your favorites from your holiday adventures. Here, in the Strait of Gibraltar, the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean mix...

On a clear day, sitting on the beach, we can contemplate the view of the African coast, just 14 km away in a straight line, with the Atlas Mountains in the background, and even set off on an adventure. a one-day trip by ferry to Tangier

The history of Tarifa

In ancient times, this area was home to the Phoenicians, then the Romans took over, and in 710, the Moors conquered the city under the command Tarif Ibn Malik (acting on orders from Tariq ibn Ziyad, who conquered Gibraltar in 711), after whom the city got its name. One of the remnants of the Arab rule here is the fortress Castillo de Guzmán el Bueno from the 10th century, which owes its name to a figure Alonso Pérez de Guzmán, which repulsed a major Arab siege of the city in 1294. At that time, Tarifa was governed by the Castilian government (from 1292, through the Sancho IV de Castilla – a monument to this gentleman is located on the square by the entrance to the castle).

According to the chronicles, the Arabs captured the son of Guzman and offered his exchange for the surrender of the fortress. Alonso not only refused to hand over the city but also offered his own knife for the act of sacrificing his son... 👀

Tarifa - Podróż Na Najbardziej Wysunięty Na Południe Punkt Europy!

In 1340, the Marinid forces once again laid siege to Tarifa, and the city bravely withstood attacks from September 23 to October 29. It was on this final day that the combined armies of the Kingdoms of Castile and Portugal decisively defeated the enemy in one of the most significant battles of the final phase of the Reconquista, now known as Batalla del Salado

In the centuries that followed, the castle served as a garrison for Spanish troops, who, alongside British forces in 1811-1812, defended the town and its walls against Napoleon's invading armies. 

Tarifa today

The city is constantly evolving, with new neighborhoods being added, and the tourism offerings are incredibly diverse, as this industry is a major source of income. Another significant source is wind energy production, thanks to the strong and famous Levante wind. As you wander through the town, you'll notice the abundance of kitesurfing schools and shops selling gear for various water sports, making it a true paradise for kitesurfing enthusiasts, thanks to its windy weather.

Tarifa - Podróż Na Najbardziej Wysunięty Na Południe Punkt Europy!

From the seaside promenade or the beach, you can see La Isla de las Palomas, an island that was connected to the mainland in 1808 thanks to Antonio González Salmón. It still bears traces of places where the Phoenicians and Carthaginians made their ritual sacrifices, Roman quarries, and military utility buildings from later centuries. As recently as the 1960s, Spanish infantry troops were stationed there. Today, the "island" winks at passing large container ships with its lighthouse beacon...

Tarifa - Podróż Na Najbardziej Wysunięty Na Południe Punkt Europy!

Tarifa is a small city, we won't need public transport or other special ways of getting around to see the whole thing.

Tarifa - Podróż Na Najbardziej Wysunięty Na Południe Punkt Europy!

In the evenings, especially during summer when the wind dies down, the town comes alive with its vibrant nightlife. Cozy taverns, small bars, restaurants, hipster boutiques and cafés, ice cream parlors, and shops offering exotic clothing and souvenirs all open their doors, inviting you to enjoy their rich array of offerings. We visit quite often due to our love for kitesurfing, and I highly recommend it!

Tarifa's main monuments

  • The defensive walls, along with the Puerta de Jerez entrance, are significant historical features of Tarifa. Many sections of the original structures are integrated with buildings erected in the 19th century. The Puerta de Jerez gate is one of the most emblematic monuments of Tarifa's history. Above its arch, a plaque bears the inscription: "Muy noble, muy leal y heroica ciudad de Tarifa, ganada a los Moros, reinando Sancho IV el Bravo el 21 de septiembre de 1292," which translates to "The very noble, very loyal, and heroic city of Tarifa, won from the Moors under the reign of Sancho IV the Brave on September 21, 1292," commemorating the city's conquest.
  • The San Mateo Church from the 15th century stands out with its Baroque façade and Gothic interior.
  • El Castillo Santa Catalina - Outside the city walls, a fort was built on a hill of the same name. In the 16th century, there was a hermitage located there.
  • Along the coast of Tarifa, you'll find 8 preserved watchtowers built up to the 16th century, including the Torre de la Peña, the Torre de Cabo de Gracia, which was later converted into a lighthouse, now known as Camarinal or Torre Guadalmesí
Tarifa - Podróż Na Najbardziej Wysunięty Na Południe Punkt Europy!

A few old shots of Tarifa:

Iconic beaches near Tarifa

  • Playa de Los Lances - right next to the city, perfect for kitesurfing 
  • Playa de Valdevaqueros - dominated by kite and windsurfers
  • Playa de Bolonia - A little further out of town, you have to get there by car, an excellent place to relax. One of the most beautiful beaches in Andalusia, overlooked by a magnificent dune
Tarifa - Podróż Na Najbardziej Wysunięty Na Południe Punkt Europy!

Interesting surroundings of Tarifa

  • Los Alcornocales National Park
  • Whale, orca or dolphin-watching expeditions, best with the company of Firmm
  • Estrecho Natural Park
  • Cueva del Moro - inside you will find cave drawings from the Palaeolithic period, from inside you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Giblartar Strait and the African coast.

Tarifa for sports lovers

Where to eat

  • Pacha Mama - opposite the Rio Jara campsite
  • Chiringuito Tangana - at Playa de Valdevaqueros
  • La Caracola
  • Chilimosa Vegetarian Food
  • Raizes restaurante
  • Mandragora
  • Waikiki Beach Club
  • Tarifa Ecocenter
  • Restaurante Souk
  • Bar Ola Ola

On August 31, 2014, at Los Lances beach in Tarifa, the Guinness World Record was set for the most people kitesurfing over a one-mile distance simultaneously. The count of 352 kitesurfers turned out to be a new record!

Accommodation in Tarifa

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How to get to Tarifa

Look for transport with AVANZA

Map with the main attractions:


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