Typowe Przysmaki Południa Hiszpanii

Typical delicacies of southern Spain

The gastronomic offer of each of the 8 provinces of Andalusia

Spain, like other countries around the Mediterranean basin, is valued, among other things, for its healthy cuisine. The Mediterranean diet is often cited as optimal, providing the body with all the necessary nutrients in the right proportions.
In the south, there's something for everyone - vegetarians will be delighted to see lava-red tomatoes, while others can't wait to savor the nutty, sweet flavor of the jamon (Spanish ham), or the seafood palette.

Andalusia is a treasure trove of regional specialties. Note: We're not talking about the egg tortilla and paella – those are enjoyed all over Spain 🙂

Province of Almeria

Almeria, beyond its meat offerings, is renowned for its fish and seafood. Of course, the deep-fried delights popular in Malaga are available everywhere, but the people of Almeria prefer to prepare their fish and other sea creatures a la plancha, meaning grilled, often served with vegetables that are produced on a global scale in the region's greenhouses.

Province of Cordoba

This province may not have access to the coast, but it's famous for its olive groves and chickpea crops, which are a crucial ingredient in the cuisine of southern Spain. We'll talk about Andalusian wines in another post, but it's worth mentioning the typical wine of Cordoba: Pedro Ximénez, which is enjoyed as a dessert addition, or as an ingredient in sweet recipes. From white grapes, the well-known among connoisseurs white wine Montilla-Moriles is produced.

The province of Cordoba is also a significant producer of sheep's cheese from the Los Pedroches region, and this name is often included in the product names by the producers. Moreover, you must try salmorejo – a cold soup similar to gazpacho. Below is the original recipe:

Typowe Przysmaki Południa Hiszpanii

Province of Cadiz

I like the cuisine of Cádiz very much. Almadraba tuna (you can find out what Almadraba is in the post - Click Here), it tastes best fresh, of course, during the fishing season – which is in spring in Barbate, in Zahara de los Atunes on the Costa de la Luz coast, in places where this type of fishing has been practiced for centuries. It's worth trying fresh seafood, tortillas de camarones - That is, thin potato pancakes with shrimp, all served to the accompaniment of the famous cherry from Jerez... Yummy! 

If you're in Malaga and craving delicious Cadiz cuisine, you must visit El Pichi de Cai – Tortilla de camarones is a must-try!

Province of Sevilla 

Maybe you'll enjoy Huevos a la Flamenca. It's a delightful combination of eggs, potatoes, chunks of sausage, jamón, garlic, tomatoes, and onions that are first fried and then baked in the oven. In Seville, the cold soup gazpacho Andaluz reigns supreme, of course, and you can find a delicious recipe

Province of Huelva

Did you know that as much as 90% of the strawberries found in Spanish stores during the season come from Huelva? Gourmets also appreciate Jamon Jabugo – a ham cured in the town of Jabugo, which has become a renowned brand in Spain.

Typowe Przysmaki Południa Hiszpanii

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Province of Malaga

The famous boquerones, or anchovies, prepared in various ways. On restaurant menus, you'll find them marinated in vinegar and olive oil, deep-fried, as well as fresh ones sprinkled with salt, grilled on skewers over coals – these are known on restaurant menus as espetos – a hallmark of Malaga's chiringuitos (beach bars).

Typowe Przysmaki Południa Hiszpanii

It's worth trying gazpacho here, often made with almonds and garlic, as well as the sweet wines – Malaga's moscatels, which taste wonderful in the famous Malaga wine pub Click Here

One of the spots I wanted to recommend is La Bocacha in the town of Carratraca – unfortunately, it seems it might be closed, so it would be best to check. It's ideal to plan a meal there with a group, as it was difficult to order more food once served, since the rule was to cook for a specific number of people. Wonderful, homemade, delicious, fresh, and inexpensive – quintessentially Andalusian cuisine! Highly recommended!

Province of Jaen

This is the world kingdom of oil! As much as 17% of the world's production of the golden liquid is produced right here in Jaen (read "chaen"). The province mainly grows a variety of picual.
Since the province does not have access to the coast, dishes prepared from game: wild boar, partridge, or deer are popular here.

Typowe Przysmaki Południa Hiszpanii
Typowe Przysmaki Południa Hiszpanii

Province of Granada

This mountainous province is famously known mainly for its ham production, especially the renowned Jamon from Trevelez (about Trevelez in the post Here). Meat dishes are popular; in restaurants, you might encounter plato alpujarreno, which features chorizo (a Spanish sausage with a significant addition of paprika), morcilla (akin to Polish black pudding), and other charcuterie. The province was under Arab dominion for an extended period, and as a result, many dishes are accompanied by couscous and characteristic Arab spices.

Typowe Przysmaki Południa Hiszpanii

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